Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a business online in search engines' unpaid results.  We engage entirely in ethical SEO practices, minimizing risk in abrupt changes and providing a solid foundation for long-lasting results from sustained effort.

SEO is not a light switch.  It typically takes 9 months to begin getting results.  But those results last over time and with continued effort will grow.  SEO is also not something that is performed only on your website.  It is performed across the Internet in many types of places.  Our internal audit, optimization, and reporting tools provide keen insights into the status and needs of your web presence and where efforts should be focused next for optimum results.  The six primary areas of effort can be seen in the graphic below.


SEO is the most important piece of a solid Internet Marketing program and is what yields the best results that last the longest.  While much of it will not have a tangible output that you will see, it is where we spend the majority of our time and does the most to drive customers to your local business.

Understanding Your Market

Your web presence and SEO is not all that matters.  After all, it is how you compare to your competitors that determines who ranks where.  Our tools analyze your major competitors and self-evaluate our own efforts to see where we are doing well and where we are lacking.  By correcting weaknesses quickly and steadily maintaining strengths results grow over time and also become more steadfast to changes in your competitive market.

It is common to see a client achieve great results with SEO and feel they have 'arrived'.  If we stop actively working on the SEO for the client, we almost always see a decline in results that begins within a few months.  Significant effort is then require to regain the lost ground.  This is why we much prefer a sustained effort with continual improvement.  In the end, it invariably is better for us and the client.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We don't expect you to just believe everything we tell you.  While you will likely see and feel a real difference in your business, we use several reporting methods to keep you up to date on progress.  Our principle of rigorous honestly means we will make it clear even when things don't go well and show you the plan to get back on the desired path.

We hope to earn your trust, but believe firmly in process and that what gets measured gets done.  Reports sent at consistent intervals will allow you to track progress yourself as your Flywheel gets turning.


Our success is tied directly to your success and we will do all the work to the best of our ability to get you the best results we can in a timely manner.  We are more than happy to explain our methods and actions to you in detail.  Contact us to discuss your situation.

SEO Plans

For most customers a full Internet Marketing plan is the right choice, but there are cases where only SEO is needed.  We offer 2 SEO plans:

SEO Checkup

Our SEO checkup plan keeps your website updated and running smooth, including checking it's functionality.  It also provides reports on your search engine rankings, online reviews, local listings, citations, and analytics.  In addition, you are given recommendations for your website and SEO as necessary, but the work is not performed.

SEO by Location

Our SEO plan does not include website work and changes related to content, aesthetics, and function, but does involve some SEO-related changes to your site.  The reporting of the SEO Checkup is included but the work will be performed as well.  Should more extensive SEO be needed we can offer a custom plan for your business.

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