Our Mission

To serve others to the best of our ability by providing a valuable service at a fair price and to go about it the right way.

Our Values

Our business is built around our core principles of rigorous honesty, integrity, and service.

Our Solution

We use a 3-prong strategy to acquire new customers for local businesses by focusing on appearance, rankings, and reviews.

We Will Understand Your Business

We may not know your business now, but we will.  At least one person involved with your project will have a background in business management, meaning we don't start by building you a website.  We start by learning about your local business, then moving to how to convey the necessary information for someone looking for a good business like yours online.  By starting from the customers' needs and working backwards to your business we are able to quickly pre-sell the potential client on you and deliver quality customers to your business while also giving the customer what he was looking for.

We Do Things the Right Way

Doing things ethically online isn't just part of our Integrity principle.  It also helps long term results.  There are methods many Internet marketers use that aim to quick results more quickly and game the system, but they come with substantial risk and if you are caught using these methods, your website and your business are penalized severely while the person or firm who implemented the methods goes unpunished.  We market your local business online the ethical way, so results will be sustained and increase over time with minimal risk of a big change.

Track Record of Success

As you can read in our case study, we've taken an online business with virtually no online presence and implement our 3-prong strategy to create substantial results.  In our case study business, we became entirely responsible for 15.4% of revenue for a business doing more than $2 million dollars per year.  That's over $340,000 in new revenue directly related to Internet Marketing and does not include the lifetime value of new customers.  With a profit ROI over 1,200%, we believe there is not a a better provider for our services than Flywheel.

We Believe Absolutely in Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Service, one of our core principles, is about being of maximum benefit to our fellow man.  We do this by being the best Internet Marketing provider we can be and offering those services as an investment level that is fair for us and provides significant return on investment for our clients.  We do not believe any client of ours has ever experienced a loss as a result of an engagement with us and we strive to maintain that record.

We ask for the opportunity to work with you and promise we will do our best to make it the best experience possible.


Truthful, sincere, and upfront


The right way, all the time


Be of maximum benefit to others