Our Mission

To serve others to the best of our ability by providing a valuable service at a fair price and to go about it the right way.

Our Values

Our business is built around our core principles of rigorous honesty, integrity, and service.

Our Solution

We use a 3-prong strategy to acquire new customers for local businesses by focusing on appearance, rankings, and reviews.

Flywheel is willing to work with all businesses and organizations, but we have found a certain market where we are best able to provide significant returns for our customers.  We can quickly help you decide if Flywheel is the best fit for your local business Internet Marketing needs.  Please call or email us if you would like to discuss your situation.

Are Your Customers Local?

Do you serve customers in a specific geographic area?  Do they come to your business and/or do you go to them?  When they search online, are they likely looking for results close to them?  If you answer yes to any of these, we specialize in helping local businesses like yours get found online. 

Optimizing for local searches is very different than general SEO and is what we excel at.  We analyze your competitors and market and tailor each plan to your unique business needs and situation.  Our track record is a great representation of the Flywheel Effect: steady, sustained efforts over time produce long-living results that continue to grow.

Is Every New Customer Valuable?

This may seem like an obvious answer, but that isn't always the case.  If your business has a high per-customer value, like an auto body shop where the average job is $2,400, then every new customer is extremely valuable.  But even if the direct value per customer is lower, the answer may still be yes.  If new customers return often or if referrals are a very important part of your business, then every new customer is still valuable.

In the case of referrals, consider them as plants that grow and branch out, creating more and more branches (business).  Wouldn't it be incredibly valuable to seed your existing referral base with new customers, especially considering their peer networks are less likely to have been reached already?

If each transaction is low but customers return often, the same is true.  This is why we must look at the lifetime value of each customer and not just the first transaction they experience with your business.  We are able to get new business to your door for the first time, but that typically results in relationships that pay dividends for the entire life of your business.

When every customer is valuable, we are able to more quickly provide value and returns to our customers and that makes the partnership better for all sides - Flywheel, you as our customer, and your new customers who found their new favorite local business.

Is It Unlikely that Customers Have a Go-To Business?

The less likely it is that potential customers already have a preferred local business, the larger your pool of new business is.  When people don't need your services on a regular basis, they are less likely to know where to go when they do.  That's where we come in. 

If someone doesn't know which home repair business, doctor, attorney, auto repair shop, etc to use, his/her first place to look is probably online.  Having a larger potential pool of new customers means bigger and better returns on your investment.

If your business is new or does not have much of a presence online yet this provides great opportunity to capture new business that would've gone elsewhere and really get your Flywheel going.  If your business is a well established market leader it allows you to continue to grow and capitalize on your market leadership in ways you may not have considered.  For example, you can focus on taking on jobs that are more profitable to your business and passing on jobs that you previously would have taken.  While you are doing the same amount of work, your business grows in revenue and profit, which is the goal.

Flywheel Is Your Choice

If you feel that your business matches up with the description above, great!  We know we are the best choice for your Internet Marketing needs and look forward to being able to provide you returns you haven't seen before from marketing investments. We know we can help grow your business in a tremendous way that is beneficial to everyone involved.  After all, if you are the best provider for your customers and we are the best provider for you, wouldn't it be best for all if we work together?

If you feel like you only fit one or two of the questions, we still are likely to produce significant returns for your business.  Answering yes to those questions is not a requirement to partner with us.  Please email or call us to discuss your particular situation and let's determine how we can get your Flywheel turning.