Our Mission

To serve others to the best of our ability by providing a valuable service at a fair price and to go about it the right way.

Our Values

Our business is built around our core principles of rigorous honesty, integrity, and service.

Our Solution

We use a 3-prong strategy to acquire new customers for local businesses by focusing on appearance, rankings, and reviews.

Flywheel is an Internet Marketing business specializing in local business and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina but serves clients nationwide.  Started in 2009, it evolved to specialize in helping businesses with a higher per-customer value and a low likelihood of a preexisting relationship, such as auto body shops, attorneys, tree services, doctors, plumbers, and other services related to the daily lives of people.

Flywheel began in September, 2009 under the name Quantitative Business Solutions in Knoxville, TN. The idea was to use data and solid information to quantify online marketing efforts and thereby increase the return on investment.  The landscape for local businesses on the Internet was scattered at best and we worked with clients of many types.  A name change to Volantis Web Solutions followed shortly and it became clearer through our engagements that we enjoyed most the projects where we were able to help clients generate significant new business - not just provide a website to represent themselves online.

Business models changed and evolved as we tried to find new ways to lower barriers to entry for clients and increase results.  Some worked and many did not, but we always learned something.  In 2015, Volantis became Flywheel (Web Flywheel LLC d/b/a Flywheel) and moved to Charlotte, NC.  Our experience eventually led us to the business model we use today: providing three investment level options at standard prices for all customers. 


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Our core principles of rigorous honesty, integrity, and service are not something that came up in a meeting and ended up on our website.  They are principles we must and do live by.  Rigorous honesty means telling the truth and the whole truth all the time, even when it may not serve our immediate wants and desires.  Integrity means doing the right things, the right way, all the time, especially when no one is looking.  Service means being of maximum benefit to fellow humans and knowing that when we help others we all come out ahead.


Truthful, sincere, and upfront


The right way, all the time


Be of maximum benefit to others