Engage Your Digital Flywheel Today! Digital Marketing for Local Business
What Is Flywheel?
Flywheel is an Digital Marketing company specializing in local business.We are located in Charlotte, NC.We manage Websites, SEO, Online Reviews, Google Adwords, Hosting, Email, & more. Our business is built on Rigorous Honesty, Integrity, & Service.
Learn about a local business experience with Flywheel using hard numbers and facts. These results could be yours.
Actual Client Experience
$ Revenue per Year
% Return on Investment
% of Customers

Our 3-Prong Approach:

Be Visible
SEO and Advertising put your business in front of potential customers actively searching for businesses like yours.
Look Great
Your website shows potential customers that you are a professional, capable, and caring business that will meet their needs.
Get Reviews
Real, honest reviews from actual clients create trust in potential customers. They are pre-sold on doing business with you.

Our Clients Love Us!

Flywheel has been a huge help in growing our business. It is the best marketing investment we have, and it is not close.
Flywheel has been a great investment for us. We are consistently at the top of page 1 on Google. Thanks Flywheel, great work!
We just had our website upgraded by Flywheel, and it is sooo much better! They are great to work with, and very capable.
Pete Snyder
Pete Snyder Privateer Yacht Club
We have been working with Flywheel for several years now and they really help drive business to our front door!

A Few Interesting Facts...

100% of our customers had a positive return on their investment with us.
91% of people now search for local businesses online.
92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.
50% of people who search for a local business visit or make an appointment within a day.

Only the Best

Getting your business results comes from spending our time on what we do best - focusing on your business, it's specifics, and your unique path to results. 

By partnering with industry leaders to provide the core foundation for your Internet presence, we are able to spend additional time on what will provide you the best ROI: the specifics of your local business where custom work provides the most value.

The Flywheel Effect

There is no miracle moment. Instead, a down-to-earth, pragmatic, committed-to-excellence framework - a process - keeps on track for the long haul and provides victory of steadfast discipline over the quick fix.

This is the Flywheel Effect. Sustained, consistent efforts that lead to prolonged success.

Our Pricing Model

We offer 3 choices in your investment with us, following the Good, Better, Best model, allowing you choose the engagement that best fits your needs. We offer discounts on multiple locations - contact us for more information.


Great for businesses just getting started in Internet Marketing. They provide a positive ROI at a lower expense and are not as comprehensive as the Better and Best plans.


Our middle level offerings offer the most bang for your buck. These plans offer a substantial ROI, but focus on maximizing results at a moderate investment level.


Best-level offerings have one goal: maximum profit from your marketing investment. These plans use a comprehensive approach to provide best-in-class products and services.

Why Flywheel?

The best fit, the most growth, & the highest returns - here's why!
Highest Return on Investment
Incredible SEO Rankings
Turn Key Results
Legit 5-Star Reviews
Blazing Fast User Experience
Optimized for All Devices